A Computer-aided Design System for Framed-mould in Autoclave Processing

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The general computer-aided design (CAD) software cannot meet the mould design requirement of the autoclave process for composites, because many parameters such as temperature and pressure should be considered in the mould design process, in addition to the material and geometry of the part. A framed-mould computer-aided design system (FMCAD) used in the autoclave moulding process is proposed in this paper. A function model of the software is presented, in which influence factors such as part structure, mould structure, and process parameters are considered; a design model of the software is established using object oriented (0-0) technology to integrate the stiffness calculation, temperature field calculation, and deformation field calculation of mould in the design, and in the design model, a hybrid model of mould based on calculation feature and form feature is presented to support those calculations. A prototype system is developed, in which a mould design process wizard is built to integrate the input information, calculation, analysis, data storage, display, and design results of mould design. Finally, three design examples are used to verify the prototype.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11633-010-0501-0

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