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本刊办刊宗旨是报道国内外工程仿生学科重要的、优秀的、创新性的研究成果。为该领域及相关领域的研究人员提供发表新信息的园地和交流学术思想的论坛。为促进工程仿生研究成果转化为生产力、加速这一新兴、交叉、边缘学科实现跨越式、突破性的发展服务。 主要刊登仿生学与仿生工程方面的原始论文和综述文章。包括动植物仿生学方面的基础研究。如:动物的运动和行为,植物仿生和天然材料的结构、成分、形态和物理特性,以及这些基础研究在工程、技术和设计方面的应用



《分析化学》是中国科学院 和中国化学会共同主办的专业性学术期刊,主要报道我国分析化学创新性研究成果,反映国内外分析化学学科前沿和进展。 刊物设有研究报告、研究简报、评述与进展、仪器装置与实验技术、来稿摘登等栏目。读者对象为从事分析化学研究和测试的科技人员及大专院校师生。本刊也是有关图书、情报等部门必不可少的信息来源。



The Journal of Molecular Cell Biology (JMCB) is an international peer-reviewed journal, which is interested in inter-disciplinary studies at the cross-sections between molecular and cell biology as well as other disciplines of life sciences such as stem cell research, signaling transduction, genetics, epigenetics, genomics, developmental biology, immunology, cancer biology, molecular pathogenesis, neuroscience, and systems biology. The broad scope of JMCB reflects the current merging trend of life science disciplines and contributes to the dissemination of findings with unusual significance and broad scientific interest. High quality research articles, reviews, letters to the editor, and other commentaries on timely issues are published in Special Issues (e.g. vol3_no1) and Collections (e.g. vol3_no4). JMCB features an outstanding Editorial Board, which will serve as scientific advisors to the journal and provide strategic guidance for the development of the journal. By selecting only the best papers for publication, JMCB will provide a first rate publishing forum for scientists all over the world.



Molecular Plant is dedicated to serving the plant science community by publishing novel and exciting findings with high significance in plant biology. The journal focuses broadly on cellular biology, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, development, plant-microbe interaction, genomics, bioinformatics, and molecular evolution. Molecular Plant publishes original Research Articles, Reviews, Letters to the Editor, and Spotlights on the most important developments in plant biology. Please see our Information for Authors for details. Other categories of papers, such as Perspective and Meeting Report, can also be considered.
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