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本刊是中国计算机学会主办的惟一以英文原著出版的学术性期刊。刊发内容由数十位国际计算机界的著名专家和学者联袂编审,把握世界计算机科学技术最新发展趋势。本刊栏目的特点在于及时反映计算机科学技术领域最新研究成果,突出国际研究热点和有中国特色的高水平研究。为了便于读者阅览,每期将相关领域的文章集中发表。本刊荟萃了国内外计算机科学技术领域中有指导性和开拓性的学术论著,其中部分文章邀请了著名计算机领域的专家撰写。内容包括: 计算机体系结构与系统,人工智能与模式识别,计算机网络与分布式计算,计算机图形学与多媒体,软件系统,数据管理与数据挖掘,理论与算法,以及其他新兴领域。



The Journal of Computational Mathematics is an international journal covering numerical methods, analysis and applications. The journal publishes original research papers in all branches of modern computational mathematics such as linear and nonlinear algebra, numerical optimization, numerical approximations, computational geometry, computational statistics and probability, Monte Carlo methods, numerical methods for ordinary differential equations, integral equations and partial differential equations including both direct and inverse problems, and computational-mathematical problems in diverse fields of science and engineering. Papers containing new ideas, creative approaches and/or innovative applications as well as invited reviews are expected to appear regularly in the journal.The journal is sponsored by ICMSEC






《金属学报》创刊于1956年,是由中国科协主管、中国金属学会主办、中国科学院金属研究所承办、科学出版社出版的材料冶金领域的学术性期刊。著名科学家李薰先生任首任主编, 柯俊院士为现任主编, 师昌绪院士为名誉主编。 《金属学报》主要刊登冶金科技和材料科学与工程方面具有创新性的原始学术论文和高水平的综述性文章,是我国在该领域历史悠久、学术水平高的核心期刊之一。



Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) (ISSN 1006-7191, CN 21-1361/TG) started in 1988. It is administrated by China Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by the Chinese Society for Metals, and managed by Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Beginning with V.22 (1) 2009, this publication was indexed/abstracted in Science Citation Index Expanded. Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) provides an international medium for the publication of theoretical and experimental studies related to the fields of metallurgy, materials science and engineering. The studies which advance the understanding of the relationship between the processing, the structure and the properties of inorganic materials are of particular interest. Emphasis is on either the mechanical or functional behavior of inorganic solids at all length scales down to nanostructures.The journal does not seek or publish papers on concrete and cement-based systems nor on polymeric and polymer-based materials.
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