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Cell Research publishes original research results that are of unusual significance or broad conceptual or technical advances in all areas of life sciences, as long as the study is closely related to molecular and cell biology. The journal has an international authorship and a broad scope in basic research including: Cell growth, differentiation & apoptosis Signal transduction Stem cell biology & development Chromatin, epigenetics & transcription RNA biology Structural & molecular biology Cancer biology Immunity & molecular pathogenesis Molecular & cellular neuroscience Plant molecular & cell biology Genomics & proteomics Cell Research (CR) is published by Nature Publishing Group in partnership with the Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In CR the Editorial team and NPG provide readers with high quality original articles and sharply focused reviews and research highlights which span broad areas in life sciences. CR is China’s best international journal in life sciences and it is a valued member of NPG’s highly respected family of Molecular Cell Biology journals.
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